Fruits and gifts of the holy spirit

1813 The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.The moral life of Christians is sustained by the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Wisdom is the gift of knowing the right choices to make to live a holy life.

The gift of right judgment helps you make choices to live as a faithful follower of Jesus.

The gift of courage helps you overcome any obstacles that would keep you from practicing your faith.

The 12 fruits of the Holy Spirit are signs that the Holy Spirit is alive within us and helping us live the Catholic faith in our daily lives.

Chastity: We live the virtue of chastity when we use the gift of sexuality wisely, according to God’s plan.

The gift of wisdom helps you to avoid the things that could lead you away from God.

The gift of understanding helps you be tolerant and sympathetic of others.

Courage, or Fortitude, is the gift that helps you stand up for your faith in Christ.

The gift of wonder and awe moves you to so love God that you do not want to offend him by your words or actions.

This gift of reverence inspires you to joyfully want to serve God and others.

Saint George shows Courage, Knowledge and judgment.

Saint George

What is your saints feast day?

Saint George’s Day is the feast day os Saint George and the National Day for England, although it is not a offical national holiday.

What is there story?

Saint George travelled to Libya. When he arrived there he found it had a large pond, almost as big as a lake, where a ferocious dragon lived. The dragon was terrorising the country and, every day, the people had been feeding the dragon a sheep to appease it.
When the sheep had all gone, the dragon had demanded that the people sacrifice a young maiden to him each day. Saint George found that all the young girls had now been killed and only the King of Egypt’s daughter was
left. Unless a knight could be found to slay the dragon, the princess would be sacrificed the next day. The King of Egypt had promised his daughter’s hand in marriage to the knight who could overcome the terrible dragon.
Saint George was determined to save the princess, and the next day he rode out to the lake. When he arrived, he found the princess there, waiting to be fed to the dragon. Saint George sent her home to the palace and approached the dragon’s cave.
When the dragon heard Saint George’s horse approaching, he came out of his cave and roared at him. The dragon was huge and its roar sounded like thunder, but Saint George was not afraid. He struck the monster with his spear, but the dragon’s scales were so hard that the spear simply broke into pieces.
Saint George fell from his horse but did not give up. Instead, he rushed at the dragon and used his sword to slay it under its wing where there were no scales. The dragon fell dead at Saint George’s feet.

how did they become a saint?

Saint George became a saint after protesting against the Romans torture of christians and died for his beliefs.

What is their origin?

Born: 280 AD, in Turkey
Death: April 23, 303 AD
Celebrated: April 23
where Celebrated: mostly in England
Lived in 3rd century
Became a roman soldier

What did he do to become a saint?

He protested against the Romans and killed a dragon.

How does this saint make you want to be a better person?

Because of he’s bravely

How does this saint inspire you?

He inspired me of how he stood up for the christians against the romans

What is there history?

St George is the patron saint of England and among the most famous of Christian figures. But of the man himself, nothing is certainly known.

R.E Reflection

When you are baptised they drop you in a lake or pond, but in the church they usually poor water over your head.
It is asking god to forgive our sins. Celebrated usually as a child. Confess there sins in front of people in the
olden days. Smaller sins where forgiven by prayers. They had to wear the plain cloths and eat plain food after they confess there sins in front of the community.
It is when you get the bread and wine. Wine represents Jesus blood and the bread represents his body.
Eucharist is a sacrament of sacrifice. Eucharist starts with the last supper when Jesus died.
In a relationship a commitment is a challenging task. But to surrender one self to the intimacy and the constant day
today demands of marriage life is one of the greatest opportunities fulfilment and growth that a person can face.