Snapshot Writing

We had snapshot writing and here are mine.

1: Comic-Con

The gathering was loud with laughter as raw and new as the cheers from a grand final. The convention had a rich smell of latex and rubber, the same smell of a new car sellout. It looked like a massive Halloween party with props and costumes. Henry and I enjoyed the   cosplay as it gave sweet childhood memories. The smiles on everyone was unnaturally healthy and made me feel like I was at home.

2: The Movies

I walked throw the doors with the wind howling and the hot warm smell of the food at the food court. We went and got our tickets and sat down. I heard laughter of the people at the movies from the funny movie. I saw everyone hooked to the screen like robots. I tasted the fizzy drinks and the salty buttery popcorn.

3: The pool

We parked our car in front of the pool and walked in side and smelt the chlorine and heard the laughter. I got into my swimming gear and ran strait to the water slides. I waited in line and tasted the hot jam donut from the food court. I walked up the stairs and it felt like I was in Antarctica that how cold it was.


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