Text To Analysis

Text To Self

H0w I feel about this song” I don’t wanna be here anymore” by rise against was sadness in the music video because at the start they interviewed a little girl talking about what she has been through and more stuff like that that. In the song it says” I know there’s nothing worth saying for” It is saying theres nothing to say anymore to help them but I think that’s wrong. There is always something to say and we can still do something about it. The band because  there saying something about it to help.

Text To Text

Im going to compare two songs  by rise against against called ” I don’t wanna be here any more” and “prayer of the refugee” these two songs can be related because one there from the same band and two they are both about refugees and they give the same reasons but say them in different ways. In the song “pryer of the refugee” it says ” i don’t need your help now” and in the other song it says ” you see i don’t think i can fight this any more” these two lines are saying that they don’t need your help any more and the other one is saying i think im going to give up b ut i think there is always hope.

Text to World

How this relates to the world is on the music video it has lots of scenes that say what is going happening around the world right now. On the news lots of wars are happening. The band i’sent just talking about the refugees it is also talling about the soldier who go into war. They risk there lives to save or protect the refugees and us. So the world should be helping the injured soldiers and it should be the same with the refugees. The whole world can do something to help the army and mostly the refugees. Also on the news i saw that people shoot two people in the city because of where they came from and what they looked like.

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