This is a biography on my mum Julie.R. She was born on November the 11th 1972 in Malvern. Julie lived with her mum Denise, dad John, brother Paul and cat Snowball. Julie lived most of her life in East Bentleigh till she was 6 and a half. Then she moved to East St.Kilda because her dad passed away. Her best friend was Sandie, they meet in grade 2 when she was 7 years old. Her funniest moment with her was when she beat her friend Sandie in Sprints in year 8 and won over all champion. Julie’s favourite thing to do as a child was to play sports. She liked to do sprints, hurdles, long jump and netball. The primary school she went to was St.Marys and the high school she went to was Presentation College Windsor in Melbourne. The first horror movie she watched was Jaws and she was the only one in the family not scared. The first job she had was at the Danish Delight Ice cream shop in St.Kilda. The worst moment she had there was when she accidentily turned off the freezers for the icecream and all of the icecream melted. Julie’s first boyfriend was  a boy named Finn when she was 15 years old. Her favourite teacher was Mrs.Panozzo, her art teacher.She finished school at year 12. After year 12 she worked for a few years in different jobs and eventually saved enough money to travel overseas. The countries she visited were England, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and Hawaii. My mum and dad Steve, met when they were teenagers but didn’t date until there mid 20’s.


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