book review

Diary of a wimpy kid Rodrick rules

Review- This book is about a boy named Greg who is though middle school and his older brother Rodrick is making it even harder for him to get through middle school. It is a new year and he trys to keep all of the things behind him and one event in particular. But HIS older brother knows all about it. I recommend this book to people who like excitement and all that stuff. It is really cool how he writes it in a diary.                                       AGE RATING= 6 to 12

The wrong book

Review- this a boo about a boy named Nicholas Ickle and he says this is a book about then a weird thing comes like a elephant, monsters, a pirate, a queen, rats and a puppet. then he is about to say what this book is about the word the end comes. I recommend this book to young kids.                             AGE RATING= 5 to 9


big idea reflection

I think my sharing session went well because I came back from Queensland. But I went well. I didn’t finish my test I made but it went well.

what went well was my info on ahn do and khoa do.

what we could improve on next time is maybe not going on a holiday when my big idea has to be done.

The most interesting thing I learnt was that ahn do stared in several of khoa do films.

I used my investigating time very well before I went to Queensland.


I went to a presentation about AFL racism.

the most interesting part was that one of the players was black and getting abused and that.

I liked it because it was planed out and they new what they were talking about.

some I might use next time is using Prezzies.